Lady GaGa On The Cover Of Rolling Stone Magazine

Lady GaGa Rolling Stone Magazine Cover
Lady GaGa Rolling Stone Magazine Cover

Lady GaGa Rolling Stone Magazine Cover

LADY GAGA aka Stefani Joanne Germonatta confirms the recent rumor of her bisexuality in an exclusive interview with Rolling Stone Magazine. 

Interesting cover to say the least, but it is Ms. GaGa we are talking about....

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  1. When she started out ( or at least till I heared her first song being played on MTV) I didn’t think that much of Lady Gag Ga.

    Untill I saw her one time on Dutch telly with her singing Pokerface on Piano.
    She’s a great singer!

    Anyway,…nice pic!

  2. Lady Gaga rocks! I couild care less about her bisexuality, in fact I’m not shocked about it with her. I care about the music and her music is great. Congrats on the cover of RS Gaga!

  3. Edited the part of mentioning another celeb that did not have to do with the story, regardless of same magazine. Love ya bruh, but do it to everyone.

  4. WHO GIVES A SHIT??? Wake up, people. Seriously already. When the hell are people going to stop worshiping no-talent assclowns like this???

    She couldn’t sing her way out of a wet paper bag. I can’t wait for the day that her 15 minutes of fame are over and done. And typically, there will be another useless douchebag to take her place. I’m sick of looking at her dumbass and I’m sick of hearing her annoying and so-called “music” everywhere too.

    Please. 14 minutes and ticking….

  5. lady gaga…bisexual….SHOCKER!LMAO

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