Courtney Love: No Credit, No Problem

Courtney Love Wire Image
Courtney Love Wire Image

Courtney Love Wire Image

American Express is suing Mrs. Cobain for a whole lota dinero. 

American Express filed papers in the US District Court on Wednesday, claiming she owes a little over $350,000 for three unpaid gold card balances. Americans are in debt, yup, this is true and some celeb are no exception to the rule. Who in the he** has three American Express card's and why would they want to?  Let's hope she pulls something out of her Kurt Cobain hat or she puts 'Hole' back together for some much needed money. 

Then again, there is always working the streets....humm haven't I seen her?.... Wait it may be all the plastic surgery.

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  1. Horrible, just horrible….

  2. F being nice. She is irresponsible.

    You know she is going to claim the cards were stolen. She crazy.

  3. I’m being nice…..
    The girl has got some serious issues. AMEX took her gold plastic away so she wouldn’t charge anymore plastic….

  4. Good luck Courtney? Oh hell no.

    Girl deserves what she gets. F that.

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