Courtney Love Goes After Katy Perry & Miley Cyrus: “It’s Artless Pop!”

Katy Perry, Courtney Love, And Miley Cyrus Photo: Eonline.com

Courtney Love came out of her cage to go after Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus and the claws went flying!

Courtney first went after Miley:

"Miley Cyrus is not setting any trends. I wonder who decided to put her in white mesh and a pair of pasties and a faux fur (for September's iHeartRadio festival)? It was dumb and trashy-looking."

Then, Love defends Cyrus:

"I liked her attitude and still do, but it's wearing so thin."

Love sets her sights on Perry by comparing her to Miley:

"Despite all their endless sales and downloads, will go the way of Sub Pop's (Seattle grunge group) Tad singles, into some sort of oblivion. It's artless pop at the end of the day."

"Yeah, I have listened to Roar and We Can't Stop and I love Wrecking Ball for a guilty pleasure, but these are songs written by men mostly for pop tarts. This is not rock 'n' roll. Soul and rock 'n' roll endure, pop does not, that's why it's called pop. It goes pop like a bubble, and then it's just a funny 'do you remember when' memory."

"if you can't start a trend, you're screwed. Good luck on ripping off Katy Perry's boobs."

I'm not sure about "Wrecking Ball" but Katy wrote "Roar" and writes her own songs, sometimes with other writers, yet it is still her.

Seems like someone is jealous over someone's boobs if you ask me.

Hard to take her advice seriously when almost 20 years ago she did this with Madonna.-DocFB

Diagnosis: "Courtney Love is in dire need of attention"-Madonna in 1995 and DrFunk in 2013


Courtney Love Reaches Out To Amanda Bynes Only To Get Slammed!

Amanda Bynes & Courtney Love Photo: Eonline.com

Courtney Love has had her share of trouble. Even having a fight with the doc. She reached out to Amanda Bynes only to get slammed by the "troubled" star. She isn't retaliating at all.

Although Courtney deleted the tweet of "Amanda, pull it together dude", she is being positive for Amanda.

Amanda responded by stating "Courtney Love is the ugliest woman I’ve ever seen. To be mentioned by her at all makes me and all my friends laugh!”. She deleted the tweet.

Bynes was arrested last week for pot possession and drug paraphernalia. There has been erratic behavior from the former actor who wants to turn rapper. She got into it with Rihanna over the weekend. Rihanna started it on Instagram but the media only saw Bynes responses on Twitter, and thought she started it. If they did their homework....Since then she has been denying the arrest, stating the cops sexually harassed her, and that they did not find a bong in her apartment.

Regardless of the slam by Bynes, Courtney is still reaching out to her and has Alyssa Milano getting involved now as well.-DocFB

Diagnosis: #Compassion


Is That Courtney Love?????

Courtney Love. Photo: FamePictures.com
Courtney Love. Photo: FamePictures.com

Courtney Love. Photo: FamePictures.com

Wow.  Courtney Love is looking kind of hot again.  Hmm.  She is looking fuller in the face which is a good thing.  This was from the premiere of Wall Street in New York.

I thought I saw her this weekend in Los Angeles and although the face matches, I am not sure it was her. 

Looking good Court.  Anything new with Hole going on?

What do you think of Courtney's new look?-Dr.FB


Courtney Love & Dave Navarro Get Their Kiss On!

Dave Navarro & Courtney Love. Photo: Drfunkenberry.com Exclusive by CB
Dave Navarro & Courtney Love. Photo: Drfunkenberry.com Exclusive by CB

Dave Navarro & Courtney Love. Photo: Drfunkenberry.com Exclusive by CB

Dave Navarro & Courtney Love. Photo: Drfunkenberry.com Exclusive by CB

Dave Navarro & Courtney Love. Photo: Drfunkenberry.com Exclusive by CB

There was a free performance last at the Highlands last night for Camp Freddy where Danica Patrick was there but the big highlight of the night was Courtney Love.

Courtney Love took the stage and fully started making out with Dave Navarro.  Hot! 

Check out the full on kiss photos above n let us know what you think.-Dr.FB

Thanks to CB for being the man on the scene so Funkenberry could be 3 places at once last night.


1 Million……..

Dr. Evil File Photo New Line Cinema
Dr. Evil File Photo New Line Cinema

Dr. Evil File Photo New Line Cinema

1 million page views. 1 million. Wow. Drfunkenberry.com has hit 1 million page views on this site. I moved the site and lost the 800,000 plus we had in a short time and I went independent which made it slightly harder to find an audience.

Since Drfunkenberry.com's move, we have had way more up's and downs but you know I pour my heart and soul into this web site, focusing on all things celebrity, music, sports and even sometimes politics.  It means a lot to me. Truly.

We have done in less than 1 year what it took top bloggers (Perez Hilton took almost 5-6 years to be where he is now) to consistently do. I am not TMZ with AOL backing me. I am one man with a vision and with love for what I do. I hope every day we reach at least 10-100 new people and that they continue to keep coming back here.

Along with you, I want to thank others who made this site possible; Dr.Funkencherry, Nurse Cherry, and a very special thank you to Nurse Goodbody, who is leaving the staff to do bigger and better things. I know at times I could be difficult and hard to work with but words can never be enough to express my gratitude to you. Thank you very much.

We have been getting quite a lot of comments lately and some are not showing up immediately or are disappearing into the matrix. A majority of the time, I will explain why it is not there. If I haven't, that may be what happened. We lost a person who was a frequent commenter violetsareblue over that and hopefully she is reading this, because her comment was never deleted.

I also want to send a special shout out to 2 people who helped from the start with this web site. 1 is Courtney Love, who called me out on her blog and who I had an all too brief Internet battle with. Within the 1st 2 weeks of the site to have something like that is simply awesome.

The other person is Prince. I am grateful that he took enough liking to my site to let us know stuff before anyone else.  Now, we have labels, movie companies managers, production companies and PR firms along with others giving us tips.  But he or his people were one of the firsts and I am very appreciative of that.  I have been called many things since creating this site, but as long as Prince and others think I am A list, that is all that matters to me.

Thank you again to the people who come here every day and sometimes a few times a day. I look forward to entertaining you for 1 trillion hits and even more. Thanks again.-Dr.FB

UPDATE: I forgot 2 very important people: Rev.Statik, who not only did the "American Idol" reviews but also helped with the sites inception and helping get it up and running. I thank you very much.

Toonman, thanks for dealing with my midnight requests to get the site either running smoother or making sure things are lined up correctly. You took on the task where others would have bailed and I thank you tremendously. Thanks you 2 big time!!!!


Jermaine Jackson Is A Liar! Tribute Concert Cancelled!

Jermaine Jackson Announces Concert. Photo: AP Photo/Franka Bruns
Jermaine Jackson Announces Concert. Photo: AP Photo/Franka Bruns

Jermaine Jackson Announces Concert. Photo: AP Photo/Franka Bruns

Why doesn't he do what he did when he did what he did when he lied to me?

Never trust someone who names their kid Jermajesty. I don't care if I spelled it wrong. It's still lame as phuck.

As we thought, Jermaine Jackson was talking out his greasy ass cheeks when announcing the tribute concert for his brother. This smelled worse that Courtney Love at a courthouse.

Jermaine said earlier this week he was gonna have Chris Brown and Mary J. Blige perform at the concert and I was like..what? Wow. No way. Looks like I was right. Natalie Cole has denied it as well.

Mary was told about the gig by a reporter n she said she has another gig that day. Chris Brown said he was gonna be busy beating up his latest girl that day as well.

The tribute concert has been cancelled although Jermaine is saying it will now be in London 2010. If Michael was the gloved one, Jermaine is the greasy one.

Classless mofo. So can anyone just have a press conference and say people are going to be there? Hmm.  Ok then!

Coming in 200never, The Dr.Funkenberry tribute concert with performances by Katy Perry, Jay-Z, a special duet between Britney Spears and Prince, along with appearances by Kim Kardashian in a thong and the comedy act of John Mayer & Chelsea Handler. Plus Drake and Trey Songz will sing the hooks for all our guest performers.

Shoot, if you are going to lie Jermaine, might as well say Michael will be returning to the stage to put a foot up those greasy cheeks brother.

Jermaine Jackson is like school on Saturday, no class.-Dr.FB


Courtney Love And Her Turtle

C Love Via Twitter Pic
C Love Via Twitter Pic

C Love Via Twitter Pic

Seems Like Courtney love is desperate for a bed buddy.  Why else  would she sleep with a dead turtle? Why the hell does she want the world to know about it?  Chica is craaazy!  She really shouldn't be allowed to have any pets...living or dead.

Poor turtle :(

C Love and Turtle Twitter Pic

C Love and Turtle Twitter Pic