Courtney Love

Courtney Love Reaches Out To Amanda Bynes Only To Get Slammed!

Courtney Love has had her share of trouble. Even having a fight with the doc. She reached out to Amanda Bynes only to get slammed by the “troubled” star. She isn’t retaliating at all. Although Courtney deleted the tweet of “Amanda, pull it together dude”, she is being positive for Amanda. Amanda responded by stating […]

Is That Courtney Love?????

Courtney Love. Photo:

Wow.  Courtney Love is looking kind of hot again.  Hmm.  She is looking fuller in the face which is a good thing.  This was from the premiere of Wall Street in New York. I thought I saw her this weekend in Los Angeles and although the face matches, I am not sure it was her.  […]

Courtney Love & Dave Navarro Get Their Kiss On!

Dave Navarro & Courtney Love. Photo: Exclusive by CB

There was a free performance last at the Highlands last night for Camp Freddy where Danica Patrick was there but the big highlight of the night was Courtney Love. Courtney Love took the stage and fully started making out with Dave Navarro.  Hot!  Check out the full on kiss photos above n let us know what […]

1 Million……..

1 million page views. 1 million. Wow. has hit 1 million page views on this site. I moved the site and lost the 800,000 plus we had in a short time and I went independent which made it slightly harder to find an audience. Since’s move, we have had way more up’s and downs but […]