More Trouble In The Land Of Jon And Kate Plus Eight

Jon and Kate Plus Eight TLC

The Gosselin’s have had a tough year so far, and it seem like it’s only getting worse.

The Pennsylvania Labor Dept. is investigating whether or not the Hit Show “Jon and Kate Plus Eight” is complying with the state’s children labor law, a spokesman told People Magazine.

I can confirm that our bureau of  labor law compliance is conducting an investigation as they do whenever they receive a charge”, said Christopher Manlove , a spokesman for the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry.

TLC responded and says they fully comply with all laws and regulations. Jon and Kate +8 is no exception.

I don’t see this as a show about the kid’s at the present time.  This show has taken a nasty twist and talks about marriage problems, trust, and infidelity.  Monster Kate seems to only care about her hair and what talk show she is going to grace with her presence.




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