Sherrie Shephard Gets A View Of Prince

Sherri Shephard Twitter Photo
Sherri Shephard Twitter Photo

Sherri Shephard Twitter Photo

Sherri Shephard attended the 75th Anniversary of the Apollo Theatre on Monday night and almost lost it when she ran into Prince.

She twittered this message:  just got back from Apollo 75th Anniversary... Prince walked by me 3x...I almost passed out in my seat. He's such a tiny little thing!

It seems Prince is the star other stars get nervous to meet or see.

Prince At The Apollo June 8th.  Photo: Wireimage.com

Prince At The Apollo June 8th. Photo: Wireimage.com
















Speaking of Prince, it was reported that he attended the Tony Awards last night and at an after party met Karen Olivo, who is starring in West Side Story.  It seems Prince said he would be attending the show next Tuesday and purchased 20 tickets in the balcony to make sure no one is sitting next to him. 20 tickets?

We are being told the ticket situation is being widely exaggerated. Karen Olivo is a married woman and did attend the Award show and after parties with her husband  Also, a few years ago, Prince was put on a list of people who bring very little of an entourage with him, usually himself and someone else while a bodyguard waits in the wings.  Janet Jackson would bring the most usually an entourage of 30 people.  His 2 tickets sound more believable in this economy than 20!

Although...I am sure Karen Olivo would be kind of geeked while performing and looks up to the balcony and only sees Prince there!-Dr.FB

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  1. Dr.F thank you again for the latest update on Prince. I must say I like this celebratory mood Prince is now in…he is at a “great” time in his life. Lastly, thanks for putting the rumormill straight.

  2. Lookin’ good in that yella ‘n gold! :)

  3. So he was in NY? He sure is city and country hopping these days. Hope he’s thinking of setting up some tour dates, although I won’t get my hopes up too much. It’s good to see him getting around and about!

  4. I think if I were performing and and I knew Prince was up there it would be hard for me not to focus my attention on him!Well at least to me noone else in the room would exist!lmao

  5. I believe he presented an award with Mariah Carey for Patti LaBelle. Was having trouble with the size of those photos so after a while of trying, I chose this one.

  6. Forgot to ask – did he give someone an award or something? I see he’s at a podium

  7. I can’t stop smiling reading this. Nice way to start my day and nice pictures btw Both beautiful :)

  8. Oh Prince, looking fine and sexy as always!!!

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