The Court Has Mercy On Madonna

Madonna & Mercy.  Uncredited Photo For Now...

Madonna & Mercy. Uncredited Photo For Now...

Madonna is going to get her Mercy, thanks to the courts!  Malawi’s Supreme Court should make the decision final by Sunday.

You can knock Madonna for many things but I am happy she is getting Mercy.  yes, there are children suffering in America but her heart is straight up in the right place.  She is a good mother to her two biological children and her adopted one and even does a great job of babysitting that 20 year old Jesus guy, and I admire that. 

 Lower your ticket prices and maybe I will see one of your shows and then you would be batting a .1000 with me.

Mercy James, start packing your bag, your new mom Madonna is coming to pick you up!-Dr.FB




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