Update: Madonna Gets Mercy As Ruling Is Overturned

Yup, this literally just happened in the middle of the night and you knew I would be up to give it to you.  The court ruling blocking Madonna from adopting Mercy has been overturned and Madonna has won.  Mercy we hear is getting ready to be taken to New York.  Congrats to Madonna. That child […]

The Court Has Mercy On Madonna

Madonna is going to get her Mercy, thanks to the courts!  Malawi’s Supreme Court should make the decision final by Sunday. You can knock Madonna for many things but I am happy she is getting Mercy.  yes, there are children suffering in America but her heart is straight up in the right place.  She is […]

Madonna Top Mom On Forbes List

Madonna is the top MILF mom according to Forbes list of Hollywood’s Hardest Working Mothers.  She made $110 million last year.  That is a lot of cheese. She made a $105 million from touring and endorsement deals.  That is a lot of money to raise a kid from another country.  I wonder how much Guy […]

Madonna Leaves London: Breaks Silence

Madonna and daughter Lourdes are leaving London for….well, who knows? Madonna has been maintaining a high profile since she was turned down to adopt Malawian baby Mercy. She has remained silent…until now. She spoke with a Malawian newspaper yesterday and had this to say: “I want to provide Mercy with a home, a loving family […]

Madonna Hits England Again

Madonna has been out several times this week after the adoption ruling. Just getting on and being very public.  No word on she is set to come back for Mercy, the Malwian girl Still nothing on her appeal for the baby, but itshould be coming soon.-Dr.FB