John & Kate Get A Divorce. What Happens To The 8?

Jon and Kate Plus Eight TLC

Jon and Kate Plus Eight TLCIt's official and TLC has to be hellapissed!

Jon & Kate Gosselin filed for divorce today in PA, hours before the show was to air.

They couldn't wait one more day to file?  8 fricken kids here.  8.  Sigh.-Dr.FB

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  1. in vitro should be used with more caution.

    and thank god they are getting divorced. they’ve had seriouis issues since season one.
    the kids will be better off living as children of divorce than children of parents that stopped loving each other eons ago but stick together for their sake.

  2. Look at all those beautiful, beautiful children..

  3. They’re not the first and won’t be the last. The pair of them fucking selfish

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