Video: Old School Clip James Brown & Don Cornelius

Here is an old school clip of James Brown being interviewed on Soul Train by Don Cornelius and a special appearance by a 19 year old Al Sharpton. Interesting topics and man....Al Sharpton's hair doo. Man!
Ok, I will leave it at that and enjoy.-Dr.FB

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  1. Al Sharpton was a friend of JB’s son Teddy who was killed in a car crash and Al Sharpton said that they developed a father-son-relationship. Here’s another interview with Don Cornelius on Soul Train (from 3:17 on…)


  2. Al look just like himself now. I know he is a huge James Brown fan. Just like I am of Prince. He vowed to always keep his hair permed out like JB…lol

  3. Thanks 4 posting this clip . Pretty cool 2 C a young Al Sharpton – He was fighting 4 the cause back then & Al is still fighting 4 the cause today

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