Video~ Ciara ‘Work’ Featuring Missy Elliot

Looks like she biting on peeps again. She has definitely taken Beyonce's style AGAIN.  Am I feeling a bit Ms. Jackson here? I'm seeing the 80's.....this is some Rock The Casbah sh**.  What happen to originality?


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  1. not diggin’ it

  2. Really weird. And very lesbian.

    Also who cares?

    Miss you Doctor

    Miranda Minx

  3. I normally love Ciara’s work.But this one gets a thumbs down from me!Best part about the song is Missy but yet even her bit in the song is not what I would expect from Missy.A bit bland and sounds just about like what you would hear from anyone else.The choreography is most definately something to be desired because I feel like I have seen the same stuff in EVERY video!Overall most artists,filmmakers and other entertainers seriously lack originality anymore!If they didn’t then why would they be remaking songs and doin remakes of films.And they say imitation is a form of flattery!Ha!I personally find it annoying and wish that they were just creative enough to come up with their own ideas!So to any new emerging artists I would say…bring something new to the table and don’t be afraid 2 do your own thing!If the vocals,talent etc is there…the fans will come!That’s about all I got 2 say bout that……

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