New PRINCE Demo “Da Bourgeoisie” FREE Download! Listen Now!!!

3RDEYEGIRL Screenshot

PRINCE has released a new demo entitled "Da Bourgeoisie" and like last month's "The Sweeter She Is" live rehearsal track, it was given to a Twitter follower to get out!

Around 1:41 A.M., 3RDEYEGIRL (Prince's official Twitter account) asked "Who wants to deliver this stolen Prince demo to the needy?" Hmm. To instead of 2. No caps lock issue. People were responding to the tweet with a frenzy....until one was chosen.


Jshua was asked for his email address and sent the demo. Cool deal.

For the download link and more on this story, click here!


New EMINEM Featuring Rihanna! “The Monster” Listen Now!


EMINEM has teamed with Rihanna once already on the 11+ million seller "Love The Way You Lie" and they team up again for "The Monster" to be released on the "MMLP2" in November!

Bebe Rexha wrote the song along with production from Frequency.

"The Monster" is featured on MMLP2 due in stores November 5th and has 16 tracks. EMINEM announced over the weekend the deluxe edition sold on his site will have 21 tracks.-DocFB

Diagnosis: "Love The Way You Lie" was one of EMINEM's biggest hits.  Will "The Monster" follow suit?....


Jam Of The Moment! Lady Gaga “Do What U Want” Featuring R. Kelly! Listen Now!

Lady Gaga & R Kelly Cover Art

Lady Gaga has released "Do What U Want" featuring R. Kelly. The duet is featured on Gaga's "ArtPop" album due in stores November 11th.

The song is now available on iTunes.

As one of the few who really liked "Applause" I must say that "Do What U Want" featuring R. Kelly is even better, earning "Jam Of The Moment" status.

Let's hope that Gaga makes sure that R. Kelly is in the video. Could be all sorts of hotness!-DocFB

Diagnosis: Easily my favorite Gaga track since "Bad Romance" and "Edge Of Glory"....big time!


EMINEM Release New Song “Rap God” Listen Now!

Eminem Rap God Cover

Less than a week after dropping "Survival" Eminem has released a new song from MMLP2. The song is entitled "Rap God" and is vastly different from "Survival" and the first single "Berzerk" released in August.

Eminem's flow is still as strong as ever but goes back to the word that rhymes with "Maggot" yet again.

You can purchase "Rap God" on iTunes HERE.

MMLP2 is due in stores on November 5th.-DocFB

Diagnosis: He brings up Clinton and Lewinsky again. 2Pac, DMC, Dre, then goes into the Alcohol of Fame, calling out Wacka Flaka Flame, and then he shoots a verbal AK-47 at Ray J. He also goes all J.J. Fas "Supersonic" on the track. Dang. Rap God. Yeezus, you listening?


PRINCE News From Paisley Park! “Breakfast”, Janelle, Livestreams To Return & The Lyrics To “FUNKNROLL”

Prince Photo: Funk * U

It has been a hot year for PRINCE and it looks like it is not going to cool down anytime soon!

Breakfast Can Wait Digital Single Cover

As we told you about earlier, "Breakfast Can Wait" is out now worldwide! Please support NPG/Kobalt Music!

We talked about on the Prince spreecast about leaks to the Janelle Monae and Prince duet "Givin' 'Em What They Love" but rather than burning a copy (Eww) it is best to pre-order the double album version from Target now! We will even provide you with a link HERE to do so!

The man JoshuaWorld has been remixing the new concert closer "FUNKNROLL" and we have been told it will be released soon. We asked in what form but right now they don't know.

Have you been missing the Livestreams? When the band returns to Minneapolis from a very short break, we are told the Livestreams will start back up. Get this. We have been told that Prince is writing and recording a lot these days, so new music is definitely on the way!

"GROOVY POTENTIAL" is an outtake so that should give you an indication of what to expect....hmm.

Click here for the lyrics to "FUNKNROLL"!!!!


New Celine Dion! “Loved Me Back To Life” Listen Now!

The wait is over! Celine Dion has released a new song entitled "Loved Me Back To Life" and sounds like Rihanna.

The start through me for a loop but it is totally Celine Dion!

In the first episode of "What's Up Doc" we played the song and the audience thought it was overproduced.

What do you think?-DocFB

Diagnosis: Guilty...I like it....


New EMINEM “Berzerk” Listen Now!

Eminem Promo Photo

EMINEM has released his new single "Berzerk" from his new album "MMLP2" due for release in 11/5/13.

Rick Rubin's production is all over this and sounds very Beastie Boys-ish, and since Rubin was behind them, it is an obvious comparison and EM did it on purpose.

He takes a stab at Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom, not Kendrick Lamar as some pointed out.

To hear the new EMINEM, click here!!!!


Listen Now! Eminem Releases New Song “Survival”! New Album Due Out In Autumn!

Eminem & Skylar Grey Photo: Interscope Records

Eminem has just released his new song "Survival" in the trailer for the video game "Call of Duty: Ghosts."  The song features Skylar Grey.

There is gunfire and other video game noise over the track.

It was also announced and confirmed that Eminem will be releasing his 8th studio album in Autumn!-DocFB

Diagnosis: Will Kendrick Lamar call Eminem out? We don't think so!




PRINCE is all over Twitter right now and he just dropped a new song entitled "GROOVY POTENTIAL" that is now for sale on 3rdEyeGirl.com

Check it out and go to 3rdEyeTunes.com to buy it!-DocFB

Diagnosis: Do U got the GROOVY POTENTIAL...?

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