Video: Janet Jackson’s BET Surprise Appearance

Do I need to say anything more other then this;

Here is Janet Jackson talking about her brother and thanking hs fans at the BET Awards.-Dr.FB

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  1. I wanted to hug Janet, I felt so badly for her and her family’s loss.
    Yes LexAve, she should be commended for her strength to appear on stage during this painful time and speak to and comfort the fans and admirers when this is such a private loss for her personally. She didn’t forget that there were others who loved her brother too.

  2. As tough as that was, I commend Janet for having the strength to go on stage and speak for the family as such a devestating time in their lives. My prayers are with Janet and the entire Jackson family.

  3. Take it one baby stap at a time Janet and Jackson fam (I know how hard this is)

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