Jon Gosselin And ‘The Doc Who Gave Cankles Her Tummy Tuck” Daughter

Jon Gosselin INFPhoto
Jon Gosselin INFPhoto

Jon Gosselin INFPhoto

Cankles eat your heart out! Jon was spotted in St. Tropez with a cash cow, hand-in-hand with Hailey Glassman, the daughter of Kate's tummy-tuck surgeon.  You know he needed to find a woman with money to help support all those kids, and I think he just found himself the perfect gal.

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  1. I think Jon is a “spoiled brat”. His constant comment is “I am only 32 years old” Kate is only 34 and is raising 8 children. I had 6 very close in age and that was a challenge, because their father was like Jon, could not think for himself. Order was the only way we could survive. My children are now in their 40’s and alway appreciate what I did for them. Will Jon get the appreciation from his kids, I do not think so. His current lifestyle will come back to bite him.

  2. He’s such a pathetic pig!!

  3. Wow, not bad. Glad to see he upgraded.

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