Hailey Glassman

Jon Gosselin Denies Kate Major Rumors

Am I missing something? Is Jon Gosselin a “Major” stud and I am just not seeing it?  Is he worth losing your job over? Kate Major, the semi-hot blonde that was seen with Jon on Wednesday and over the weekend, quit her job at the Star because she said she became involved with the subject […]

Jon Gosselin And Hailey Glassman: Love Birds In The Park

Our newest lovebirds where caught making out at Harriman State Park in New York earlier this week.  Jon is a class act, but his gal friend takes the cake.  I’m convinced this guy like gals that have issues or major attitude problems.  How safe is this chick around kids?  Why would Jon down grade?  Cankles […]

Jon Gosselin Moves On To Another Blonde

Jon Gosselin thinks he is a reality TV star pimp. Well, at least it seems like he may have traded up to someone who is actually attractive. Jon appeared with a blonde who was not Kate Gosselin or Hailey Glassman, but for right now, we don’t know her name, but she seems to be hotter […]