Video: US Obtains MJ Pepsi Burn Commercial

Let me just explain a few reasons why I am posting this. I had to think long and hard about it. I don't know how it got released but 25 years later, it did.

A lot of you remember that day when Michael Jackson's hair caught on fire.  You remember that shot of him in the ambulance waving with the white glove to the cameras and fans.  We all heard how bad it was. It's worse. You see the hair catch on fire but it doesn't seem like Michael knows yet. He did not tumble to the floor like in the "American Dream" movie.   You see the Brando kid there trying to put his hair out after the extinguisher. You then see a HUGE burn mark where his hair used to be.

This is where we are told he started getting addicted to pain killers because of how bad the burn is. This. Is. Sad. I am posting this after a while of looking at it and being shocked.  I know I am going to get shhh from some of you about this and I apologize ahead of time. I felt the need to post it because it is historical and it let's us know this was a very serious burn.

Please be warned, the video is graghic.-Dr.FB

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  1. I don’t think that real hair burns like his did in the commercial. I was a wig.

    The drugs that he takes to stay white destroy a lot of the hair folicals.

    If my real hair was on fire, I would know instantly! Not 5 or 6 seconds later.

  2. I agree with Dreamer’s sentiments. You know what else, Tatum O’Neal did a tribute and re-told a little anecdote about their time together – the same anecdote MJ told in the Bashir documentary that she came out the next day to call him a LIAR just because she didn’t want to be associated with him.

    Now the pictures of his spider bite wound are out too – the bite the press accused him of LYING about to avoid a court date in 2002.

    It’s sick how much he had to put up with.

  3. If I got badly injured on the job, especially working for a big corporation, the first word out of my mouth would be “Workers’ Compensation”!

    Didn’t MJ sue the hell outa Pepsi?
    Was Pepsi ever held responsible at all?

  4. EXACTLY half his life ago!

    Michael Jackson’ lifespan:
    Friday, August 29, 1958 – Thursday, June 25, 2009 = 18,563 days

    Michael Jackson’ lifespan up to the Pepsi incident:
    Friday, August 29, 1958 – Friday, January 27, 1984 = 9282 days

    18,563 divided by 2 = 9281.5

  5. I saw this video footage last night on Larry King Live — Larry King must have replayed it 5 or 6 times during his 1 hour show — I broke down and cried.

  6. That is the saddest thing i ever seen. He was so misunderstood. That footage explains a lot on how and what led him to do some of the things he did to himself…..

  7. I remember when this happened and did he get any sort of settlement for his pain and suffering?There are many things that people did not see of Michael but should have!Maybe then people could have drawn their own conclusions instead of just going along with what the media was reporting!Michael was a very giving person and it’s a shame that he was treated so badly by so many!And I gotta say that it is a bit disappointing how everyone seems willing to support him now when you couldn’t do it when he asked you to!Just a very sad siutaion.RIP Michael

  8. No. Just, no.

    Thank you at least, for announcing that it is a very graphic video. I didn’t have that luxury while flipping channels earlier tonight. That image can not be removed from one’s mind. It should never have been released. I’m sure money changed hands. Wonder if they sleep tonight. :-/

  9. ahhh, poor mike.

    i knew it had to be extremely painful but seeing it makes it a lot worse.

  10. You know..it just amazes me how people have to see the proof before they believe anything…it’s not just enough for them to say he suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns…people don’t feel sorry for the man until they see the proof..and what makes it even worse…this happens after his death…..i’m really kind of fed up with all of the after death mj sympathy…the media distorted stuff so much when he was alive turning him into wacko jacko and a freak and most people just fell willingly in line with the media…

  11. Thank you for posting this. Poor guy.

  12. Ouch :(

  13. Doc, I think the world NEEDS to see that video because I think most of us did not realize just how serious this incident was and provides a possible reason for why MJ got addicted to pain killers and maybe plastic surgery as well. I think the video helps us to understand MJ better and realize he had to deal with this traumatic injury while he was the biggest star in the world, in the public eye, along with the issues he seems to have already had concerning his looks. This incident seems to have been much more traumatic to MJ than I think the public realized.

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