Lady Gaga Performs “Hair” On Howard Stern Live


Along with performing "Edge Of Glory" on Howard Stern's radio show, Lady Gaga played "Hair" for Howard which he requested.

Another stripped down piano version of the song.  Face it, get by all of Lady Extravaganza's weirdness and there is major talent. 

I dig her voice and her piano playing.  Glad Howard came around to digging her as well.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  I Am My Hair Too


Lady Gaga Performs Stripped-Down”Hair’ On French TV


What is up with artists doing great versions of their songs on international television?  I guess music variety shows in the U.S. completely suck! 

Check out Lady Gaga doing a piano version only of "Hair" and speaking a little bit of French before tearing things up!  Love it. And her hair tied up to the Eiffel Tower?

Check out the performance of "Hair" on Taratata and let us know what you think.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  I'd Be Blue If My Hair Was That Color Too


Video: Lady Gaga Rocks Out On Good Morning America


Lady Gaga did a grip of songs on Good Morning America today including an interview.

Right now, here is the closing number "Hair" and the interview and as we get more video, we will post more. Enjoy!

Diagnosis: Gaga Makes GMA An Event Of Epic Madness


Listen Now To Lady Gaga’s New Song “Hair”

Here is "Hair" by Lady Gaga and just like "Edge Of Glory" which debuted last week, it is not over the top and is very good. Again, no dis to "Judas" or "Born This Way" this song and "Edge Of Glory" is just more accessable.

She will be on Saturday Night Live this weekend with Justin Timberlake.

What do you think of "Hair" by Lady Extravaganza?

Diagnosis: More Than Her Hair


Lady Gaga To Let Her “Hair” Down This Week


Lady Gaga will be dropping another song off of her "Born This Way" CD this Monday.

The track will be produced by Red One, her producers on a majority of her "Fame Monster" CD and is entitled "Hair" and will be available on I-Tunes this Monday to purchase and on Drfunkenberry.com and others on Monday to hear.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  The Track A Week Idea Is Working


Happy Birthday Robert Pattinson!

Robert Pattinson. Photo: Details Magazine
Robert Pattinson. Photo: Details Magazine

Robert Pattinson. Photo: Details Magazine

At 24 years old, Robert Pattinson is one of the hottest actors in Hollywood right now.  Weather he is with K-Stew or rumors of him not washing his hair to get that classic look, millions of girls and women too are R-Patz obsessed. 

Happy Birthday Robert and Twi-hards, I don't need to remind you about the Oprah "Eclipse" cast show later today, right?-Dr.FB


Video: “The Donald” Proves His Hair Is Real

Well, well, well. It appears Donald Trump's hair is the real deal. Check out this video where Donald Trump (Mr. Trump if your nasty!) has his hair played with and even lifts it up to show it is the real mccoy.

Don't you love slow news days?-Dr.FB