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Video: Man Saves Boy In Dramatic Fire

This is shocking video, be aware, of a young boy being saved in a fire in the Bronx of New York, by a shop owner who lives below the fire. The boy lived and it is because of his heroic efforts. Quite simply, amazing. What do you think?-Dr.FB

A Hollywood Hot Spot Is On Fire

The Velvet Margarita in Hollywood is on fire Fox 11 News is reporting this morning. I hope they are able to put it out quickly. This is not what we meant by a Hollywood hot spot for sure.

Report: Michael Jackson Wanted Burn Video Released Immediately!

  We are learning just hours after Michael Jackson was burned back in 1984, he was wanting the video footage of the incident out. Larry said “I was backstage when the accident happened. People were screaming “Michael is on fire” and I saw the footage for the first time yesterday. The wound was deep. At least […]

Questions & Facts About The Just Released MJ Fire Video

Just a couple of  question for you guys to discuss: How did that video get released?  Who released it? Why wasn’t this released back in 1984? Did you know Michael Jackson settled this quickly for 1.5 Million and gave the money to charity? Did you know Michael could have taken Pepsi to the cleaners for […]