Young Adults Three Times Likely To Develop Melanoma From Tanning Beds

Tanning Bed File Photo
Tanning Bed File Photo

Tanning Bed File Photo

All of us, at one time or another, have gone to the tanning salon in search of that glowing tan that most of us long for.  You know, thinking it was safer that toasting your self under the sun's rays,  fearing you will get home and find a black dot! Oh no, it can't be!!

Well kids, keep your money in your pocket, hit the beach and get that tan naturally.  The risk is slightly less that those damn tanning beds.

Experts say tanning beds increase the risk of cancer.  The International Agency for Research  (IARC) announced that it is now fact. Until now, the committee of experts who advise the World Health Organization had not confirmed a link between tanning beds, sunlamps, and cancer. The group made the decision after reviewing studies that showed teens and young adults who used tanning beds increased their risk of developing

melanoma by a whopping  seventy-five percent.

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  2. Bob Marley died of Melanoma right ?.’`

  3. Thanks for the info. Doc! I bet the spray tan is full of carcinogens that you inhale (in addition to leaving ya orange)…so glowing white skin should be all the rage!

  4. thank u to know this….but People have to know that the sun do the same consequences…Melanoma if they don’t protect themself from the UV

  5. Last week I went to the funeral of a 43 year old mother who died of melanoma. She left behind a four year old daughter.

    Use sunblock!

  6. Is it wrong of me to hope that Sarah Palin ignores this health alert?

  7. I thought everyone was getting the spray tans now…lol those tanning beds make people’s skin look like leather…

  8. Is anyone really suprised by this? Just as worrying is the aging effect that UV light has..stay away from sunbeds is what I’ve always done…women need to get a grip and stop being so goddam vain!

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