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  2. aymi

    Mariah is winning and I’ve always been more of his fan than hers but he looks so silly right now. Get over her, she is married and you look like a sad pathetic man doing this lol

  3. missalane

    This is really immature. Warning? There is no warning here, Em told all by saying they had a thing. If it’s true and Mariah didn’t wanna admit it, then don’t embarass yourself by claiming it cause you’re telling the world you’re lousy in bed. “If I’m embarassin’ me then I’m embarassin’ you too” that’s a shitty line, Em. You got her real good right there.
    Pictures? Really? Your a real man, Em.
    Stop dwelling on what was not to be. Makes no sense.
    As for Mariah being a hoe or not, well that’s her prob. She shouldn’t be doing guys like Em. Be smart. Mariah is feeding him so he can keep retaliating. Stupid… real stupid…

  4. maddladd

    Em fucked her n she’s callin him a liar which tests his credibility, and if he has the pix to prove it, or a dvd, put that shit out! Mariah was classy back when Mattola had her, but not anymore, I wouldn’t even admit to having fucked her if I had, YUK! Went from classy to trash bag hoe in 3 albums!

  5. So glad to see artists acting like they are back in High School!And of course it is to be expected for Eminem to retaliate.But then again there comes a time when you should set an example for your children and rise above it!Great role models we have here!lmao

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