Jackson Family Estate Coverage

Jackson Family Estate Coverage


Katherine Jackson withdrew her petition to be added as executor of the estate after Michael’s will from 2002 was brought in.

AEG discussed a settlement of money for the footage they sold for $60 million of MJ rehearsing at Staples before his untimely passing.

Katherine Jackson gets custody of kids while Rebbie Jackson will take care of them on the day to day. See you next court date!

UPDATE: Dr. Kline tried to insinuate that he was the father of Michael Jackson’s children. Judge made Dr. Kline step up in say what he was trying to say and he backed off saying he did not know if he was the father.

Yesh. The only dr you can trust is drfunkenberry. This is a circus for sure.

We will be covering the Estate. Keep checking back here for up to the minute updates and analysis.

Right now, we can tell you we are hearing from sources that Debbie Rowe will be attending the court battle with Katherine Jackson.

Also, Katherine will be fighting the executors of the estate. It is gonna get messy and ugly, kind of like your lovers face during the act of lovemaking. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.-Dr.FB




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