More On Celine Dion’s Pregnancy

Celine Dion File Photo
Celine Dion File Photo

Celine Dion File Photo

So Drfunkenberry has learned that Celine Dion's pregnancy was done by vitro fertilization in a procedure that made the pregnancy possible.

Get this, the egg was frozen for 8 years!

The fertility specialist implanted an embryo that had been kept frozen in liquid nitrogen for the past eight years. The procedure was done by Dr. Zev Rosenwaks.-Dr.FB

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  1. pregancy is quite critical and also requires more of your time so that you can monitor your health progress ;~,

  2. you won’t be able to eat any food that you want during pregnancy as some foods could be harmful to the baby, like foods that ha`;:

  3. my sister had a hard time getting pregnant because she has this abnormality in her uterus.’,.

  4. they have lab created babies, cuz i guess their eggs fry up real easy?

    weird as it is, normal is ‘normal’ for these people, hurray for Tom and Katie.

  5. Congrats to her on the ‘pregnancy’, but why do all these entertainers have these lab created babies? Whatever happen to good old fashioned love making?

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