New Celine Dion! “Loved Me Back To Life” Listen Now!

The wait is over! Celine Dion has released a new song entitled "Loved Me Back To Life" and sounds like Rihanna.

The start through me for a loop but it is totally Celine Dion!

In the first episode of "What's Up Doc" we played the song and the audience thought it was overproduced.

What do you think?-DocFB

Diagnosis: Guilty...I like it....


Taylor Swift Tops Billboards Biggest Earners List

Taylor Swift Grammys
Taylor Swift Grammys

Taylor Swift. Photo: GettyImages.com

Taylor Swift topped the Billboard Biggest Earners list, pulling in $35.7 million from album sales and songwriting royalties. She pulled in another $88.5 million from her "Speak Now" tour.

Who rounded out the top 10?  Click the continue reading button below;


Legendary Composer Clare Fischer Passes Away At 83

Clare Fischer File Photo
Clare Fischer File Photo

Clare Fischer File Photo

Legendary composer Clare Fischer who has worked with Prince, Paul McCartney, Celine Dion, Tori Amos, Chaka Khan, and Robert Palmer, has died at the age of 83.

His official web site has been updated with his passing.

Clare released his first recording in 1962 and during that time would make arrangements for artists such as Sergio Mendes.  In the 70's, he formed a latin band called "Salsa Picante," and won a Grammy as part of that group in 1981.  That followed with working with The Jacksons, Debarge, and Atlantic Star.

In 1985, Fischer started working with music icon Prince on his "Parade" record.  he also worked on Prince's "Pink Cashmere" "The One" and "Goodbye".  Clair and Prince continued to work together as recently as Prince's "Te Amo Corazon" released on his number 1 album "3121" recorded in 2005.  Prince heard of his writing through Rufus and Chaka Khan whose drummer was Clair's nephew.

Interestingly enough, although Prince and Clare worked with each other for over 30 years, they never met.

"I never met Prince and I was informed by people who had been with him when asked about meeting me that he said "I don't want to meet him."  It's going just fine as it is."

Clare felt the reason that him and Prince worked together for so long is because they hadn't met personally.

We have contacted Prince's people regarding a comment about Clare's passing but have not heard anything back yet.  Prince had this to say about Clare a few years ago for his work on "Parade";

"Special thanks 2 Clare Fischer 4 making brighter the colors of black & white."

Clare Fischer's talent and compositions will be heard for generations to come.  How would Clare wish to be remembered?

"I may die a poor man, but I will have a smile on my face"-Clair Fischer 1991


Diagnosis:  Sometimes It Snows In April......


Man Arrested After Breaking Into Celine Dion’s House

Celine Dion File Photo

Celine Dion File Photo

Scary. Someone broke into Celine Dion's home over Labor Day Weekend when the star was not at her Canadian estate.  The guy ate some food and even took a bath.  Hmm. 


Celine Dion Gives Birth To Twins!

Celine Dion. Photo: Starpulse.com

Celine Dion. Photo: Starpulse.com

Congratulations are in order for Celine Dion, who gave birth to twin baby boys earlier today.

They were born one minute apart....and we are sure the first one will remember that 20 years later in a fight over who Mama Celine loves best!

Congrats again to Celine and Renee again.-Dr.FB


Ron Artest Covers Celine Dion

New Laker Ron Artest covers Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" and basketball fans say don't quit your day job Ron.

It is a laugh riot though. What do you think?-Dr.FB


More On Celine Dion’s Pregnancy

Celine Dion File Photo
Celine Dion File Photo

Celine Dion File Photo

So Drfunkenberry has learned that Celine Dion's pregnancy was done by vitro fertilization in a procedure that made the pregnancy possible.

Get this, the egg was frozen for 8 years!

The fertility specialist implanted an embryo that had been kept frozen in liquid nitrogen for the past eight years. The procedure was done by Dr. Zev Rosenwaks.-Dr.FB