Deja Vu: Michael Jackson Burial Date Changed. Again.

Michael Jackson File Photo


Michael Jackson File Photo

Michael Jackson File Photo

Michael Jackson's burial date, which was to be August 29th then August 31st, has now been changed again. It will take place on September 3rd.

The burial will still be at Holly Terrace in The Great Mausoleum at Glendale Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, Calif. -- and will be limited to family and close friends.

Everyday it changes. Just sick.-Dr.FB

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  1. “Everyday it changes. Just sick.-Dr.FB” – exactly, let him rest in peace now, bless him.

    @violetsareblue – what a nice way to talk about a man who has died… shame on you!

  2. I think a public cemetary is an odd choice, just cremate him already, buy a fancy jar and pop him on the mantlepiece

  3. Very upsetting … I’m praying for Michael’s children.

  4. The only problem with them actually announcing where the burial will be is the fact that about 10 million people will flock there….I think that’s why there are so many changes….people will show up at Glendale Forrest Lawn and he’ll be being buried at another Forrest Lawn……people are going to scour the place till they find his grave…….

  5. May I ask why the date is being changed? Is this a money issue? Family reasons? Or what? I mean, I think Michael has been in the public his entire life, he desire a quiet, peaceful burial. I just don’t understand…:-/

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