The Cranberries Reunite & Are Ready To Tour

Cranberries To Reunite. File Photo
Cranberries To Reunite. File Photo

Cranberries To Reunite. File Photo

90's rock group The Cranberries are about to reunite and start a tour in the United States. They are back together since disbanding in 2003?

Why? Well, they are straight up about it; "cash, children, and cash." They announced this news through NME in an interview.

What do you think? Is this a group you are glad to see back? Would you go see them?-Dr.FB

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  1. Sweet, that’s just what I was hunting for! You just saved me alot of digging around

  2. Hi i was looking at the new cdj 2000 today i was thinking at what piont would a dj no longer have to any skills with all the new auto settings on most cdj,s now days its not hard to beat match along side all the efects buttons yes you still have to element of skill?

  3. WOW. so the Cranberrys are coming back? more good news coming. all of it beens bad since Feb. lol Well good for them, hopefully it will be something to value for them ,1990’s was long time ago but still Old School, and you know what they say about Ol’ School. 😉

  4. The 90’s really, really sucked and let up to the more sucking that the 00’s are. Pop Rock music is over.

  5. Pah! :( Do they have to let it linger… hated them first time round, one of the most annoying voices in music!

  6. I did a hapy dance.

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