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To My Friends…..

I am wishing you all in Canada a Happy Thanksgiving and those in the United States, a Happy Columbus Day. Me? I will be working. But for those that have the day off, have a great day and hope you got to sleep in.-Dr.FB

The Cranberries Reunite & Are Ready To Tour

90’s rock group The Cranberries are about to reunite and start a tour in the United States. They are back together since disbanding in 2003? Why? Well, they are straight up about it; “cash, children, and cash.” They announced this news through NME in an interview. What do you think? Is this a group you […]

Miriam Makeba Passes Away At Age 76

Miriam Makeba passed away shortly after performing in Italy.  Miriam Makeba is best known as Mama Africa.  It is being reported by the associated press that she had a heart attack after the concert.  She lived in exile for 31 years in the United States, France, Guinea in West Africa and Belgium before having an emotional […]