TLC To Reunite For “One Night Only”

TLC File Photo
TLC File Photo

TLC File Photo

The 2 remaining members of TLC, T-Boz and Chili plan on doing a reunion concert in Las Vegas later this year.

The concert will take place in October at the Mandalay Bay. It will be a benefit concert by Justin Timberlake.

Will he now be able to boast that he brought TLC back?

What do you guys think of this reunion without Left Eye?-Dr.FB

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  1. I love left eye she IS my favorite one! TLC will never be the same without her. I miss their music <33… :'( <3 R.I.P Left Eye <3 I love you… Gone Too Soon

  2. one night only? i guess their shows in Japan this year don’t count?

  3. I was a big huge TLC fan. I totally believe without Left Eye TLC is not the same and shouldn’t be attempted at any reunion. Even the reunion that replaced LeftEye with Alicia Keys @ the BEt Awards last year was horrible and didn’t work. T-boz even said that…

  4. As odd as it would be without Left Eye, I say “Go for it!” I miss TLC a lot and it’s good to hear that they would do a show again. I wish it had nothing to do with Justin Timberlake but hey, at least he got them to do it so I have to give him props for that. I hope the show is a success for them.

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