Listen To Prince’s “Dance 4 Me” Now

Listen to Prince's new single European single "Dance 4 Me" with his latest CD(s) coming out on Wendesday over there.

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  1. this song is just so hot. prince is the only one who can kick it to an intense level with his vocals. Please when will this be released so that i can buy it. Who can’t relate to this song? Majestical track. I can’t get enough of this track.

  2. I love the remix- heard it in a club. Magical!
    My favourite dance track at the moment.
    That Hallelujah really does it for me… Thanks!

  3. I love this song.Cant wait 2 hear the remix

  4. I love this song :-) I thought it would be the remix, but I’ll take anything I can get! LOL

  5. I LOVE this song! Prince hasn’t had a song out this hot since Black Sweat! This right here is proof that Prince NEEDS to come back to youtube. Fans like me will do EVERYTHING we can do to push this song to the masses. This song DESERVES to be heard by EVERYONE and I hope Prince does the right thing and lets his music be heard on youtube. Youtube is the new MTV & Radio that will benefit Prince GREATLY. You can’t be blacklisted with youtube like you can with Radio. This is everything Prince needs to let his music be heard by everyone, especially the youth, who need to know how incredible this man and his music was and still is today. I pray that this is the beginning of a new start for Prince by letting his music come back to youtube.

  6. me encanto!! I LOVED IT

  7. Cool song —

  8. Feed your doubt and your faith will flee. Feed your faith and your doubt will flee.

    Hallelujah=praise Jah

  9. Was hoping this was the remix. This the best song on mplsound. I think it will do well 4 Prince. Waiting on the video now….Kick ass Prince like u allways do

  10. I love this.

  11. He is on you-tub because He wanted it there. Theres a difference.;)

  12. Of course being a dancer I LIKE IT!But I would like it even more if he would DANCE4ME! 😉

  13. I LOVE THIS SONG. Should have been the single here in the States, but I’ll take it anyway I can get it.

  14. I like it, makes me laugh that he is on You Tube again – P you are so in control its all good! lol

  15. I like it.

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