Video: Hitler Reacts To Nine Inch Nails Canceling Shows

This was made by http://www.chrisnicholas.net/ and I wanted to share.-Dr.FB

UPDATE: Hitler's cry was heard and the shows have been rescheduled. Tickets were released today earlier for both shows. Hope you got them .Trent has since put this video on his official web site NIN.com.

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  1. Doc is right this shit has been around forever.

    Look at this youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXnt8_okeRA&feature=related

    That is from August 21st, 2008. Over a year ago. There are many parodies of the hitler thing.

    Man doc, you have some crazy dumb people here sometimes.

  2. All I ask is to keep it on topic. Its not about free speech, its about respecting rules I set for the site.

    Keep it on topic of the celeb the thread is about.

    The first clip of this was used months ago for Aerosmith when Steven Tyler broke his leg. It has been in existence for a while.

    I will post something on that said artist later and you can write whatever you want as it will pertain to that artist.

    Its a rule that has been here since day one and its the same person doing the same thing.

    I am trying to be cool by not banning you but its getting to that point.

    You don’t like things, you can always leave.

  3. Please do not post full youtube links as it takes away people from the site. Also, no need to mention another celeb who has nothing to do with this story.

    It takes away from the story and the band it is about. Thank you.

  4. This one is even funnier and true: youtube.com/watch?v=MQ6FM874Xs4

  5. LOL that was hilairious, and even funnier, in Chile (place I live) there is a total trend now for people to make (with Spansh subtitles) the funniest ever skits on this….based on local tv, events
    SOOOOOO FUNNY (but only if you live in CHile and/ or follow our local soap opera via cable)

  6. That is hilarious! I like NIN, but am not a big enough fan to know all the details mentioned in the video. Even so, having all those details thrown in just makes it even funnier! Great job!

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