Bristol Palin Gets Elimnated From Dancing With The Stars

Bristol Palin was eliminated from "Dancing With The Stars" last night, falling short of winning anything as she came in 3rd place.

Guess the whole vote for her even if you don't watch the show tactic did not work after all. 

Check out her elimination above.-Dr.FB


Michael Bolton Gets Thrown To The Dogs As He Is Eliminated

It seems the only one shocked that Michael Bolton was eliminated from Dancing With The Stars was Michael Bolton himself.

You got the lowest score ever Bolton, what were you expecting?  "How Are We Supposed To Live Without You?"  Quite easily, my friend.

So did Bolton deserve to be thrown to the dogs?-Dr.FB


Kate Gosselin Gets Cut From “Dancing”

Kate Gosselin. Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com
Kate Gosselin. Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com

Kate Gosselin. Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com

Weeks after she should have been eliminated, Kate Gosselin finally was last night on Dancing With The Stars. 

Kate says she was stunned to have been eliminated last night.  I thought she should have been stunned each week she was not eliminated.  I don't get how she lasted that long.  She is not like able and her dancing was horrible.  yet, week after week, she made it through.  Not this time. 

Now, she gets to hit all the media spots as a former contestant of "Dancing With The Stars" and then?  I am sure we haven't heard the last of Kate Gosselin.-Dr.FB


Video~ Big Mike “This Woman’s Work” Saves His A@@

Big Mike was going to be eliminated on American Idol last night...I say was....until he killed a version of "This Woman's Work" that saved him.

The judges have 1 save per season and last night, Simon and the judges saved Michael Lynche from being eliminated from American Idol.  The judges seemed pretty pleased with the decision it made.  Even Ryan Seacrest seemed like he was on the verge of losing his voice. 

2 people will be eliminated next week and we have a feeling the drama of last night's decision will not only spike up the ratings of AI this year, but make it a hot topic for discussion at the office.

Check out the performance above and let me know.-Dr.FB


Kathy Ireland Bumped Off Dancing With The Stars

Kathy Ireland File Photo
Kathy Ireland File Photo

Kathy Ireland File Photo

So I heard Kathy Ireland got bumped off of "Dancing With The Stars", where they use the words stars VERY loosely.

So was her dancing worse than her acting on Melrose Place back in the day?

Did you watch? Did she deserve to be sent home?-Dr.FB


Serena Williams Loses It In Controversial Ending

A very unprofessional Serena Williams was eliminated from the U.S. Open.

Should she have been penalized for what she did?

She was pissed and her emotions get the best of her. Threatening to shove a ball down someone's throat or a@@ is kind of going too far me thinks.-Dr.FB