John Mayer Releases Cover For Who Says

John Mayer Who Says Cover. Via John's Twitter Page
John Mayer Who Says Cover. Via John's Twitter Page

John Mayer Who Says Cover. Via John's Twitter Page

Here is the cover of John Mayer's upcoming single, "Who Says" from his new CD "Battle Studies" on November 17th.

The photograghers name was not released so not able to get credit. I do like the photo used, black and white and all. I hope we get to hear "Who Says" very soon. Do you guys like the cover?-Dr.FB

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  1. Nice simple cover.

  2. Novenber huh?.. Hmmm gift for self..

  3. Nothing about John Mayer that I like. Imho he does not have a style of his own…he’s a copycat guitar player.

  4. I liked his live cover of Prince’s “Little Red Corvette”

  5. Oh forgot to say. I like that its in black and white. I looove back and white pictures ;)

  6. I don’t really like John Mayer so I don’t like this cover either. But reading his tweets is kind of funny, even though he’s totally lord of the narcistic douchebags. But then again, I’m biased cuz I like Jennifer Aniston and he treated her bad.
    I do have to admit that he’s not a bad guitar player, not the biggest, but fair enough.

  7. ..Anywho..
    Beautiful. beautiful picture. Nice one to use for a cover.
    Nothing but love for John.

  8. If I’m not mistaken what also makes this a great photo is the very rare guitar John is playing. I’m pretty sure it’s a D’Angelico Excel. I grew up w/ my father playing jazz on one of those. There isn’t a more beautiful sounding guitar.

  9. Lot’s a phony hype behind John Mayer. To bad he need mega pr and the phony girl friends to sell his music.

  10. Nice cover. Minimalistic, but classy.

  11. I hung out with J.M. once while I was in Japan and I gotta say he is one wacky Dude.
    Nice photo though. Much better than that Captains outfit he was wearing in a previous post.

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