Selena Gomez & The Scene Takes Us Backstage & The Bieber Is There!


Selena Gomez and the Scene are heading out on tour and while in Boca Raton, Florida, they shot some footage of them behind...well...the scenes. 

It was the first show of the tour and they show you sound check during "Who Says"  and meeting fans.  The 18-year-old glams and hams it up as her squeeze Justin Bieber is there to support her.  She got the biggest teen name wearing her chain...and t-shirt. 

Check out the footage of we own the night and let us know what you think...that is if you are not still staring at the "Marshmallow Girls".-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  I Thought The Night Belonged To Lovers....?


Mayer Gives Us A Gift on HIS Birthday!

Courtesy of John Mayer via Twitter/Facebook
Courtesy of John Mayer via Twitter/Facebook

Courtesy of John Mayer via Twitter/Facebook


On this day in 1977, John Clayton Mayer was born.  Huge asset to the music industry, with a heart of gold and never failing any of his fans, John has become one of the most sought after artists by many, ranging from Eric clapton to Jay-Z to Chris Botti.  we want to thank john for sharing his gift with the world and we wish him the Happiest of Happy Birthdays!

We love you John!  Looking forward to the new record!  And WE LOVE the new video.  So much in fact, that we are posting it again for all of our followers to enjoy!

Also...Mayer unveiled the new cover to his upcoming album Battle Studies.  Like I said, heart of gold.  How often do people celebrate their own birthday by giving gifts?

What do you all think of the new cover?  You diggin’ it?  Let us know.


Video: New John Mayer “Who Says”

Here is the new video by John Mayer, "Who Says" off of his new CD "Battlefield Studies" due next month.

Take it for what it is worth. I wonder if he is talking about his ventures in the past? The whole Half Baked poster hanging in the background during him doing a comdey performance and then talking about taking a trip to Japan alone, another thing he has done in the past.  I like the song better with the video.

It doesn't matter what I think, what do you think of the song and video?-Dr.FB


“Who Says” by John Mayer released to iTunes TODAY and Other Mayer News



John Mayer's "Who Says" was released to iTunes today. It is the first single off of Mayer's anticipated album "Battle Studies" set to be released November 17th.

Mayer also announced that he will be doing an album release show at the Beacon Theater in New York the day of the record's release.

Who's excited?!


John Mayer Releases Cover For Who Says

John Mayer Who Says Cover. Via John's Twitter Page
John Mayer Who Says Cover. Via John's Twitter Page

John Mayer Who Says Cover. Via John's Twitter Page

Here is the cover of John Mayer's upcoming single, "Who Says" from his new CD "Battle Studies" on November 17th.

The photograghers name was not released so not able to get credit. I do like the photo used, black and white and all. I hope we get to hear "Who Says" very soon. Do you guys like the cover?-Dr.FB


New CD By John Mayer “Battle Studies” On Way

John Mayer is releasing his NEW CD "Battle Studies" on 11-17.

The new single called "Who Says" will be released very soon.
More info will be on its way.-Dr.FB

P.S. Will Chelsea Handler be buying it? ;)