Plaxico Burress Gets 2 Year Jail Term. Is It Excessive?

Plaxico Buress & Elijah Burress Before his Sentence. Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com
Plaxico Buress & Elijah Burress Before his Sentence. Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com

Plaxico Buress & Elijah Burress Before his Sentence. Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com

Former New York Giants wide reciever Plaxico Buress was sentenced to a 2 year jail term on Tuesday.  he was sentenced for carrying a fire arm that wasn't registered into a nightclub, where he shot himself in the leg.

Let me state that again. Plaxico, late last year, went to a nightclub in New York, with a gun, which he had in his sweats, the gun went off and he shot himself in the leg. He did not shoot anyone else.  It was not reported to police but they found out. He shot himself...and got 2 years jail time.  Wow.

Let's see...Michael Vick kills dogs....gets 2 years and then is allowed back into the NFL. Dont'e Stallworth runs someone over and kills him, makes a settlement with the family for manslaughter charges, gets a few days jail time and a 1 year suspension from the NFL. Is something wrong here?

Straight up, he was stupid for bringing the gun to the club. But think about this, one bad night, we all have them, maybe not with a loaded gun in our sweats, but one bad night and the guy gets 2 years in jail and his career is pretty much over.  That is some messed up crap.

What do you think? Did the punishment fit the crime?-Dr.FB

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  1. They say people were getting off on this charge. He paid that big time lawyer and his Black ass still got sent up,This is the Karma you created for yourself Plax, Hero to zero,You kinda went nuts last year didn’t you.

  2. The punishment fits the crime if that is what the laws require in New York. His crime should not be compared to the other fools in the NFL who have committed crimes, as they are different situations. The fact is, Burress should be happy he didn’t kill himself, his friend who was with him, or some other innocent bystander with his very dumb move. Why he thought it was a good idea to take the gun with him “clubbing” doesn’t make any sense. At least if he was going to be so stupid he should have worn jeans or a pair of pants with a belt to put it in. You say it seems harsh since he only shot himself, but if the outcome had been a friend of yours who maybe bumped into him that night and the gun went off and killed your friend, your opinion would be different. Just because he catches a winning football in a game doesn’t make him above the law. He won’t even spend that entire time there anyway.

  3. I think that the rules and the sentence is way too harsh for a situation like that one. They they wanted to make an example of him but I find it to be silly. Like you said Doc, its not like he shot anyone, he shot himself. How is it that he’s going to jail for shooting himself? (I know it’s about him having an unlicensed gun here in NYC) It’s not right at all that he got that kind of sentence. There are people who’ve done much worse and they get less time than he will but the laws here in NYC are strange and in a lot of cases make no sense. Plax shouldn’t have brought the gun with him and should have gotten a permit for it but 2 years? That’s excessive.

  4. Yeah New York has some bad gun laws. But I have not been in the state in 35 years (i am 40) and I knew that in NYC hand guns are all but banned. So he choose to be a big shot and he took a gun into a place where alcohol was served and the somehow shot the gun tried to cover it up and he is MAD that he got 2 years? He is lucky no one else got hit or killed. Is 2 years a bit much? Yeah! But at the same time he is lucky.

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