Casey Anthony To Be Released From Jail Within Week

Casey Anthony Photo: Joe Burbank

Casey Anthony was sentenced to 4 years in jail today.  However, she has spent 2 years and 10 months in jail already.  So with getting credit for time served and good behavior, she will be released next week, July 13th. Casey was also fined $4,000 for providing false information to police officers.  I am sure […]

George Michael Will Be Checking Into Rehab!

Just days after being released from jail, George Michael has decided he needs to go rehab.  George released this statement: “I want to beat my drug addiction and lead a normal life. I don’t want to end up back in prison. It’s a very horrible place to be. You’re not considered a person when you’re […]

George Michael Released From Jail!

George Michael Photo: Kristie Wigglesworth/AP

We really HOPE George Michael has learned his lesson as he was released from jail early!  Wow.  We thought that only happened in Hollywood. George was supposed to spend 8 weeks but only spent less than half.  We hope no more drinking or smoking the cannabis while in the car, even if you are driving […]

George Michael Is Headed To Jail For 8 Weeks

George Michael Photo: Kristie Wigglesworth/AP

George Michael has been sentenced to 8 weeks in jail for driving under the influence 4th of July weekend.  One wonders how much jail time he would actually serve if George got in trouble here.  It sure would not be 8 weeks. There is no word yet when he will have to report to jail.   […]