Janet Jackson Looking Fierce At The Armani Show In Milan

janet jackson Milan wireimage
janet jackson Milan wireimage

janet jackson Milan wireimage

 Oh Yeah! It's def Ms. Jackson if your nasty.  Janet is looking HAWT and hopefully she is ready to come back and give us what we have all been waiting for.  Please, Please, Please  spend more time in the recording studio!

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  2. Thanx for the news FB, I love me some Miss Janet

  3. I need her stylist..lol

  4. Cut her some slack Funkenberry! her brother died, maybe she needs to get out for a while before going back to work. She was the one Jackson who was reliable in terms of new albums coming out soon. She didn’t take 6 year breaks like Michael did.

  5. Janet is looking fierce. Love the look of her attire–comfort, style, elegance. H.E.A.D.U.P.

  6. SHE LOOKS FAB !!! … you know I like Discipline I can listen to it from beginning to end. A shame it wasn’t promoted properly but Janet will do it
    big in 2010 !

  7. Janet is so lovely … she looks so sweet in that photo … I hope she is enjoying her time in Milan

  8. Man she is beautiful! I know time heals a wound but my heart still goes out to her and her family. Good to see her getting out.


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