Scene & Heard: The Hoff Takes Daughter To Sex Shop

So was this blackmail or Daivd Hasselhoff being a "cool" dad?  David Hasselhoof took his 17 year old old daughter to a lingerie party at a sex shop last night.

 His daughter is the one who called 911 this weekend and said he was drunk and then taken to the hospital. He said it was for an ear infection, not alcohol poisoning, which it was first reported as. His daughter took video of him while drunk before eating a burger off the ground.

No word yet if she bought any lingerie or tried any on.  A daughter going to a lingerie party at a sex shop..with her dad?  Ewww? 

What do you think of that?-Dr.FB

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  1. Thanks for the info!

  2. Hollywood baby. Where you can hit the bars at 13.

  3. UH!!! Isn’t that illegal??? They always card you when you enter adult stores. You have to be 18 so technically he could be arrested because she’s underage if I’m not mistaken…..

  4. skeeeeeeeeeeeeeevy.

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