Prince’s New Concept For Paris



Click the image to see it in larger size. 

Thoughts?  -Dr. FB

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  1. It’s cool.I like it!”I’ve got 2 sides and they’re both friends” is what it makes me think of.The astrological sign for gemini is twins..And I do see the sun,moon,stars.And as digmenow mentioned about the “eye”.Perhaps eye of healing?I like the last image best.I think that the artwork would make for a nice t-shirt or poster etc.Looks as if he is wearing a mask not just a blue face.I think there is more than what meets the eye with this but ….Interpretations…lol I’ll wait and see.What I hope for him is that he is listening to his heart and that it will lead him to where and who he wants to be! 🙂 Thanks for sharing

  2. True Gemini. In constant battle with himself. Masks. Dual Personalities. Which is stronger? Which is the real him? Or are neither of them who he really is or wants to be?

    He seems to be in conflict over something in his life

  3. maggiegurl, you and most people would buy anything Prince would sell..;)

  4. Love it…. he kinda looks like Little Richard on the left

  5. Looks like Prince Tarot Cards.
    And this one stands self recognition.
    ying and yang. Day and night. Black and white.
    It’s all in one. One love y’all!

  6. These r cool. Looking smooth Mr. P. Thank you P & Doc.

  7. Wow, a nice departure from the normal posters. Cool. My preference is the next to last, where his face is in all blue. I think the part face/part blue is a little creepy and Phantom of the Opera-like.


  9. One can only hope….seems very Gemini. If only his naughty side would come out and play.

  10. me likey!!!!

  11. I’m feeling it! I loved the Parade Era…..the music, the clothes, the SWAGG! I’m loving the concept of Funkin’ NOW while celebrating the past!

  12. ^^ thank you DigMeNow…

  13. Doc are these available for sale….posters? He should be selling these – – I’d buy one.

  14. All day…the sun All night…the moon

    But it also reminds me of the right eye of Ra(representing the sun). The left eye of Thoth(representing the moon). The two eyes together are The Eyes of Horus (The Elder). The eye perceives light and is the symbol for spiritual ability.

    Very nice artwork.

  15. sigh…(shakes head)

    He’s doing fine. He’s in a good place now. If only I can get that far .. .I’d be oke too. (great art work btw)

    So sorry I’m going to miss out in seeing him.. yet again.
    Much Love

  16. gorgeous….love this new artwork he’s got going…doesn’t this look like the Monaco art deco deal?? very cool.

  17. Very “Under The Cherry Moon”. I love the concepts and can’t wait to see what comes into fruition.

  18. I like, just wish I was able to go

    hope everyone has an amazing time


  19. The pics I like best are the first and third ones. The last one is a close 3rd but could do without the blue faces. It’s not the Blue Man Group you know.
    Anyway, I do like the variations of the main pic. 🙂

  20. CD and DVD?.. The graphics are very dubious, but still fun and ALWAYS cool to get something from Prince, even if he’s got a blue face, WTF!

  21. Eye think everyone is missing what is being conveyed in the art. Look closely. Anybody?????

  22. … interesting artwork

  23. What is on Sunday Oct 11? All day and all night?

  24. Wow, this is different. I can dig it. Props to the artist for their funky design.

  25. Concept? What concept?
    All I see are whack graphics? Prince is my dude but really though!

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