Blind Item

Some business owners are about to go through a messy divorce and it is gonna be scandalous to say the least!

We hear one of the reasons for the divorce is because she likes younger men....and so does he!

You would think with that in common, the marriage would be succeeding.-Dr.FB

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  1. I think it’s those Dodger owners.

  2. Sorrry, meant to say Rachel Zoe and Hubby, Roger (Bergman?)

  3. Rachel Zoe and Hubby?

  4. The McCourts???

  5. Damn! I love blind items! Let me guess . Will Smith & Jada Smith, nah, business business , what business? Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes nah. Must be a Kardassian involved: that awful mother of those girls and that botoxed husband? I suck at b.i. Wait, Tommy Hilfiger and whoever his wife is?

  6. OK, you got my attention…details, details!!

  7. DAYUM! I wanna know who they are! LOL

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