Alicia Keys Shows Us Her Monster Curves

Alicia Keys Wire Image
Alicia Keys Wire Image

Alicia Keys Wire Image

Oh mamacita!

Alicia Keys walked through LAX yesterday giving all who watched a view of  her fab curves.

What a beauty! Seems she was a bit camera shy, didn't look like she was make-up ready. Her non-perfect skin is refreshing.

It reminds us that celebs are people too!! LOL

Thanks to THEYBF.com for the pics (see how easy it is to give credit where it is due)

Alicia Keys 1 Wire Image

Alicia Keys 1 Wire Image

Comments (7)
  1. Ela é linda com espinha e sem espinha ok.. beijuss Alicia..

  2. Shoooooooooot! If that is non-perfect skin (aka..girl with no make up on) I gladly volunteer to wake up to her every morning. Morning breath and all! LOL!

    thought u would like hearing something funny today Dr.


  3. She was in town filming a performance on Dancing With The Stars which will air in a couple weeks (Nov. 17th). A friend of mine attended the taping yesterday and said she was really sweet and gave a GREAT performance.

  4. Hallualujah! She isn’t perfect after all. She’s human and capable of embracing her real self. She looks just fine. Go Alicia!

  5. thx doc. AK has natural beauty….she always looks good, a very classy lady.

  6. Beautiful she is indeed.
    Thanks doc

  7. She is a beautiful woman whether all dolled up or au’ naturel.More people should embrace natural beauty!

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