Katy Perry & Russell Brand: Not Feeling It

Katy Perry & Russell Brand Attend Galliano Fashion Show. Photo: APimages.com/Thibault Camus
Attend Galliano Fashion Show. Photo: APimages.com/Thibault Camus

Attend Galliano Fashion Show. Photo: APimages.com/Thibault Camus

OK, I must say it. I don't know if it is jealousy that he is dating her but I just don't like Katy Perry n Russell Brand together. I did not trip when she was with that Travis dude but I don't know.

I love Russell. I think he is funny as can be. Love his comedy specials. He is great and original. I love Katy Perry. I love every song but "I Kissed A Girl" straight up. I love her live shows.

I just don't like them together. Yesterday they were spotted together and Katy was rocking a shirt that read "The real sh*t, sh*t to make you FEEL sh*t." Lame.  What's interesting is the night or weekend they hooked up, Katy never looked hotter than at the MTV Awards opening for Russell.  Russell just looks dirty and seemed to be God's gift to women when it came to sexual escapades. I just don't think Katy can domesticate him.

You can call me hater, you can call me hot n cold, but I dig them separately, just not together. Am I alone in this as I think I am?-Dr.FB

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  1. She went from the very fine and sexy Travis to Russell. I just don’t get it.

  2. It won’t last, she will bore him to tears

  3. Nope, you’re right on this one. They just don’t seem to gel well together, at least in pictures. Don’t know much about them otherwise.

  4. saw her at the this is it premere tonight and he was no were around

  5. I cannot stand Russell Brand!I think he is obnoxious and I have to really wonder how people like him ever get to where they are by being soooo annoying!He makes me think “so simple a caveman could do it” Different strokes for different folks obviously.For some reason she reminds me of Christina Ricci in this pic.She is a pretty girl but I will not lose any sleep over never hearing nor seeing either of them.

  6. I agree with all of you. yuck

  7. pelicankiss took my words….you are not alone Doc. They are definitely an odd couple imo. It’s something about him that is extraordinarly fascinating to Miss Katy…

  8. I don’t really follow either of them but on first, superficial glance, ick. Reminds me of Marilyn Manson and Rachel Wood. In other words, blech.

    What’s up with their EyEs??

  9. hahahaha. glad you said it. it’s been irking me since they started being seen together.

  10. You are not alone Doc. This could actually pass for a father and daughter pic if I didn’t know who they were.

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