Katy Perry Talks About Loving Russell Brand & John Mayer

Katy Perry Photo: Annie Liebowitz Vanity Fair

Katy Perry talks about Russell Brand and John Mayer and how she still LOVES one of them.

Katy opened up in a new interview with Vanity Fair

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Russell Brand Blames Fame On Why Marriage To Katy Perry Didn’t Work

In a new interview with the British Esquire, Russell Brand opens up (again) why his marriage to Katy Perry didn't work.

"Some of it's the fame, but I think getting married is - you've got a whole other person that you've got to make as important as you!"

He also talks about being married to Katy along with the other options he had and if he will get married again.

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Katy Perry Insults Russell Brand & Talks Divorce; “He Is A Very Tiny Elephant”

Katy Perry & Russell Brand Attend Galliano Fashion Show. Photo: APimages.com/Thibault Camus

Katy Perry is finally opening up about Russell Brand and her divorce from the comedian....and it is not nice!

While at the ASCAP "I Create Music" expo, she was asked about Brand.

"It's a very tiny elephant... It's like a little tchotchke now," The Big D- you can say it!"

Tchotchke definition: a small bauble or miscellaneous item. Depending on context, the term has a connotation of worthlessness or disposability as well as tackiness

Ouch! Well, Brand has been talking about Katy for a while now, even mentioning certain body parts of Katy and making fun of the marriage. Sigh.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Once Soul-mates....now...not even friends....


Katy Perry Talks Taco Bell & Why Her Divorce Is In New Documentary

Katy Perry is promoting her new movie "Part Of Me" on stopped by "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" and talked about Taco Bell, and when it finally happened for her when it comes to music.

She said that she did her new movie documentary to show what was "underneath the hood" so to speak. She allowed the falling apart of her marriage during the shooting of the movie and felt it had to stay in because people would notice it was missing. Hmm.

She wanted people to see her at her lowest point and her highest point. Interesting. If the divorce from Russell Brand was left out of the movie, would it really offend you? Do we need access to all private moments?-DocFB


Katy Perry Is Keeping More Than Her Money Post Divorce

Katy Perry & Russell Brand. Photo: GettyImages.com
Katy Perry & Russell Brand. Photo: GettyImages.com

Katy Perry & Russell Brand. Photo: GettyImages.com

After Russell Brand made it clear in divorce papers that he has no plans to go after Katy Perry's millions, she made it clear she is taking back her name.

She will be going back to her given name of Kathryn Elizabeth Hudson. She will obviously still be using her stage name of Katy Perry.

This divorce has been anything but dirty.  If only more Hollywood divorces were like this.  Sigh.-DocFB


Russell Brand Wants None Of Katy Perry’s $$$$

Katy Perry & Russell Brand.  Photo: Fame Pictures.com

Katy Perry & Russell Brand. Photo: Fame Pictures.com

In new divorce papers filed yesterday, Russell Brand is letting Katy perry know he wants none of her money. With no prenup, Russell could have been entitled to $20 million.

Katy Perry made close to $44 million while her and Russell were married for 14 months.  He was entitled to half but wants nothing to do with her money at all.  The new documents were filed for the reason of not wanting the pot split.

We here the divorce has been amicable and not dirty at all.  Russell just wants it to be over.

The divorce will become final on June 30th.-DocFB


Katy Perry Tweets About Divorce; Puts Parents On Blast!

Katy Perry's Twitter Feed
Katy Perry's Twitter Feed

Katy Perry's Twitter Feed

After a week of silence and moving vans, Katy Perry was forced to tweet about her divorce from Russell Brand after her parents said the "Divorce was a gift from God" last week.

She first tweeted that she was grateful for all the love and support from fans since the filing for the divorce and then she tweeted the above.

Katy's parents, Keith and Mary Hudson, (Katy's real name is Katy Hudson) are both ministers so that's what makes their comments about the marriage that much more upsetting to Katy.

It was first reported that Katy wanted Russell to file for divorce and not her due to her parents.  It seems that she was doing what she could to not hurt their feelings.  Unfortunately for Katy, her parents did not do the same.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Shut up and put your money where your mouth is....