Chris Brown Releases Graffiti CD Cover

Chris Brown Graffiti Cover Artwork
Chris Brown Graffiti Cover Artwork

Chris Brown Graffiti Cover Artwork

Chris Brown debuted his new CD cover Graffiti via his Twitter page earlier today. (Thanks to the person who pointed it out to me.)

I think there should be a law that if you don't play guitar, you can't pose with one on your CD cover.  What's with the cartoons at the bottom?

Man, I am really interested on how this is going to sell.  What do you guys think of the cover?-Dr.FB

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  1. I am a big chris brown fan and i say you people should stop hating on him everyone makes mistakes its human nature but we need to forgive and forget stop holding grudges his music is crazy awesome and his cover goes hard!!!!! 4 real i don’t see any of you making big hits but i know you make mistakes give this man a break and all you haters need to fall back….BIG FAn CHRIS BROWN keep doin ya thing love the album and “crawl”!!!!!!!



  2. Chris Brown makes the best hip-hop and r&b music today. i have a full collection of all the albums of Chris Brown in my home. It is too bad that his relationship with Rihanna did not work out well.

  3. well i think its a change because be has change man and skitting him all the time is just going 2 make him stronger u cannt call him shit cause wen u get were he is than u can say it but im a chris brown fan yes it was rong wat he did 2 rihanna but dat is in da passed now just get ova it by the way chris brow n i love you and i do agree wid the pants they r 2 tight change dem 2 baggy u look fitt in baggy pants luv u 4eva xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx kirsty mccrudden

  4. Mr E…….I agree

  5. Those pants are entirely too tight.

  6. I like how it is styled (the fashion), but it looks too overworked. Loose the props and the graphics and he might have a cool looking concept going.

  7. What’s up with the Purple Rain font?

  8. Looks like his may do as well as Rihanna’s latest release! lol

  9. Uh, is is just me or does he look like a woman in that outfit? Nice curves Chris! LOL

  10. I’m all for artistic expression, maybe after hearing more songs on the cd the album art will make better sense to me.

    Cartoons, spray can, and guitar aside… I really don’t get the left hand/ forearm looking like a metal prosthesis, once again maybe it’ll make sense once the album is released.

  11. It’s strange. It would have been pretty cool if those cartoon characters weren’t in the pic. It kills the whole thing. And I totally get what the Doc is saying about the guitar. You know full well you’ll probably hear no guitar on this CD. Chris is just in a strange place, I guess.

  12. I dont get it.

  13. I don’t like it. He’s not hitting girls anymore but it looks like he wants to kill cartoon characters with his spray paint can and smash them to pieces with his guitar? Why doesn’t Chris Brown ever pick on someone his own size? Hahaha

    With love,

  14. Without the cartoons it’d be slick. With them, I think it looks a bit Cartoon Network-y!

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