Did You Watch “V” Last Night?

V Photo Courtesy ABC
V Photo Courtesy ABC

V Photo Courtesy ABC

So did you watch V last night? I did and I liked it but then again, I caught up on the V series from the 80's so I knew what was going on.

Did you watch it? Did you see the 80's version? Let me know!-Dr.FB

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  1. I was shocked they did all the subplots in the beginning, but yes, it was pretty good — I’ll keep watching. :-)

    I was in Junior High when the original started; it was cool to revisit it all on the SciFi channel (yeah, I know they changed the spelling — funk their stupid azzes! lol)

  2. I was too young to watch the 80’s miniseries when it first aired, but I rented it on DVD several years ago and LOVED it!

    I was really excited for this new version, and my expectations were pretty high. The pilot episode actually exceeded my expectations! I can’t wait for more. It makes me all the more angry that ABC is showing only 4 episodes before the show will go on hiatus during the Winter Olympics.

    It’s being said that ABC is doing this so the writers will have time to really tweak the scripts of the 9 remaining Season 1 episodes and get them on par with the pilot. A similar strategy paid off with Season 7 of “24,” so I hope it works for “V.”

  3. I used to watch the 80’s version, so when I saw this I decided I’d check it out, but had zero expectations. After watching last night I can say I was really impressed and blown away! They did a great job getting all of the subplots down in the first episode.. I’m hooked now, that’s for sure.

  4. I did..and I knew Morris Chestnut would end up being a lizard…lol

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