Video~ Jay-Z Performs “Empire State Of Mind” For EMA’s

Jay-Z killed at the MTV EMA's in Berlin performing "Empire State Of Mind" and I am loving it.

Do you dig the live version or prefer the version with Alicia Keys?

Let me know.-Dr.FB

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  1. I’m not a fan of Jay-Z to be honest, never really liked any of his songs but I saw the EMA’s version of Empire State of Mind and fell in love with the song. Then I saw the clip for the song with Alicia Keys and was like ‘blah’ the girl from the EMA’s voice is a lot stronger and seems to add more passion to it. I would kill for EMA’s version but knowing my luck I will never find it *sighs*

  2. I really liked the live performance at Yankee Stadium with Alicia Keys. She NAILED it.

  3. Great great stuff. I love it!! I’ve really grown to love Jay-Z. Thanks for posting doc.

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