Christian Gives Us Her New Moon

Christian Serratos For Peta.
Christian Serratos For Peta.

Christian Serratos For Peta.

Wowsa.  Why have I never heard of this Twilight or New Moon actress before I saw this ad. 

Christian Serratos, a 19 year old actress in the series went nude for the I'd Rather Go Nude Then Wear Fur Peta campaign and boy are we glad she did.

Christian is also a vegetarian and is the youngest person to pose nude for Peta.

Seriously, I really may have to see Twilight and New Moon.  What do you think of the ad?-Dr.FB

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  1. It’s amazing how this girls parents think it’s ok to let their 19 yr. old daughter pose naked!!! Unbelievable!!

    No wonder why all these hollywood broads have crazy psycho stalkers it’s their own damn fault!!!

    Good luck!!

  2. It may be for a great cause but before ya know it we will be seeing more 16 year olds nude in ads.Not appropriate!I wish the media would put more thought into who,what they promote as well as the images they glamorize for the youth.

  3. Great picture and good way to draw attention to the issue.

  4. Beautiful!!

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