Lada Gaga Attacks PETA; Calls Kim Kardashian “Fabulous”

PETA’s message to Lady Gaga was heard by her loud and clear. The pop singer has fired back her own message to PETA, calling them childish. PETA sent a message to Gaga that she would be targeted by them for rocking fur coats lately in public. They were alluding to the fact of what they […]

Got Meat? Lady Gaga Does And PETA Is Mad

Lady Gaga. Photo: Vogue Hommes Japan

I bet you thought we had proof of Lady Gaga having a penis when we were refering to her having meat.  Nope! Lady Gaga is on the cover of  Vogue Hommes Japan wearing nothing but raw meat.  Interesting because when I look at Gaga I think more sushi than meat.  Ahem. PETA, who is always there […]

New Pamela Anderson PETA Ad Banned In Canada

Pamela Anderson. Photo:

Pamela Anderson has a new ad out for PETA and it is a wonder what photo shop can do. But that is not what the controversy is about.  It is not because Pam is showing a lot of skin but is actually an equality issue.  Here is what reps in Montreal, Canada had to say […]

Kim Kardashian Cat Photos Scratches PETA Wrong Way

Kim Kardashian. Photo:

Here we though Kim only had one black cat to worry about and maintain.  Ahem. Kim Kardashian has upset PETA and others with a photo she took of her holding up a black cat and having a photo taken of it.  Khloe Kardashian is a spokesperson for PETA as well. Kim or Khloe  really haven’t […]

Dave Navarro Goes Naked For PETA

Dave Navarro. Photo:

Dave Navarro has shot an ad where he is naked for PETA.  “Ink, No Mink” says the rock star.  Navarro let’s it be knwon he used to wear mink but no longer does.  It seems Dave is rather comfortable in his own body doesn’t he?-Dr.FB