Lada Gaga Attacks PETA; Calls Kim Kardashian “Fabulous”

Lady Gaga. Photo: Vogue Hommes Japan Lady Gaga. Photo: Vogue Hommes Japan

PETA's message to Lady Gaga was heard by her loud and clear. The pop singer has fired back her own message to PETA, calling them childish.

PETA sent a message to Gaga that she would be targeted by them for rocking fur coats lately in public. They were alluding to the fact of what they did to Kim Kardashian back in March when they flour-bombed the actress, singer, model, reality star.

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Got Meat? Lady Gaga Does And PETA Is Mad

Lady Gaga. Photo: Vogue Hommes Japan
Lady Gaga. Photo: Vogue Hommes Japan

Lady Gaga. Photo: Vogue Hommes Japan

I bet you thought we had proof of Lady Gaga having a penis when we were refering to her having meat.  Nope!

Lady Gaga is on the cover of  Vogue Hommes Japan wearing nothing but raw meat.  Interesting because when I look at Gaga I think more sushi than meat.  Ahem.

PETA, who is always there like a bad rash during bikini season has chimed in on the cover;

"Meat is something you want to avoid putting on or in your body,"  "no matter how beautifully it is presented, flesh from a tortured animal is flesh from a tortured animal."

Sigh.  PETA. PETA. PETA!  It's hard ot get behind your cause when you attack everything!  I'm all against animal cruelty and before you made your comment, I was going to attack Gaga for such an ugly cover.  Now, I like it because it is artistic expression. 

What do you think?  Is PETA right or did they go overboard?-Dr.FB


New Pamela Anderson PETA Ad Banned In Canada

Pamela Anderson. Photo: Peta.com
Pamela Anderson. Photo: Peta.com

Pamela Anderson. Photo: Peta.com

Pamela Anderson has a new ad out for PETA and it is a wonder what photo shop can do.

But that is not what the controversy is about.  It is not because Pam is showing a lot of skin but is actually an equality issue. 

Here is what reps in Montreal, Canada had to say why they will not allow the ad;

"I have to inform you that we, as public officials representing a municipal government, cannot endorse this image of Ms. Anderson. It is not so much controversial as it goes against all principles public organizations are fighting for in the everlasting battle of equality between men and women."

Hmm.  Is that a load of BS we smell, Montreal?  What do you think of the ad and Canada's excuse for not using the ad?-Dr.FB


Kim Kardashian Cat Photos Scratches PETA Wrong Way

Kim Kardashian. Photo: Twitter.com/PopEater.com

Kim Kardashian. Photo: Twitter.com/PopEater.com

Here we though Kim only had one black cat to worry about and maintain.  Ahem.

Kim Kardashian has upset PETA and others with a photo she took of her holding up a black cat and having a photo taken of it.  Khloe Kardashian is a spokesperson for PETA as well.

Kim or Khloe  really haven't said much since the photo was taken and others have to her defense saying if she is not holding the cat in that position for that long, there is really nothing wrong with holding it like that.

What do you think?  Much ado about nothing or is Kim in trouble?-Dr.FB


Dave Navarro Goes Naked For PETA

Dave Navarro. Photo: PETA.com
Dave Navarro. Photo: PETA.com

Dave Navarro. Photo: PETA.com

Dave Navarro has shot an ad where he is naked for PETA. 

"Ink, No Mink" says the rock star. 

Navarro let's it be knwon he used to wear mink but no longer does. 

It seems Dave is rather comfortable in his own body doesn't he?-Dr.FB


PETA Uses Tiger Woods In New Ad

Tiger Peta Ad. Photo: Peta.com
Tiger Peta Ad. Photo: Peta.com

Tiger Peta Ad. Photo: Peta.com

Yes, the ad is real.  PETA is using Tiger Woods to get the word out about spaying or neutering your pets. 

Oh boy.  What do you think of the ad?-Dr.FB


Shasha Grey Gets Naked For Peta

Sasha Grey.  Photo: Peta.com

Sasha Grey. Photo: Peta.com

Sasha Grey is the latest to get naked for Peta.  Sasha actually gets naked a lot in her profession.  Sasha is an adult film star.

Sasha wants you to knows that too much sex can be a bad thing....for pets!   She wants you to get your pets spayed and neutered. 

Let me ask you this; if she had her clothes on, would you even be reading this?-Dr.FB


Justin Timberlake: Most Charitable Of 2009

Justin Timberlake.  File Photo

Justin Timberlake. File Photo

Justin Timberlake was the most charitable star of 2009.  Not Angelina Jolie. Not Brad Pitt.  Justin Timberlake.

Justin raised over 9 million for his favorite hospital, the Shriners Hospitals for Children.

Madonna, surprisingly to me, was number 2 with over 5 million to the Raising Malawi foundation.

Rounding out the top 5 is :

3. Pam Anderson for Peta.

4. Oprah Winfrey for Oprah's Angel Network

5. Bono for the ONE foundation.

Nice to see some celebrities trying to make a difference.  Tre cool.-Dr.FB


Christian Gives Us Her New Moon

Christian Serratos For Peta.
Christian Serratos For Peta.

Christian Serratos For Peta.

Wowsa.  Why have I never heard of this Twilight or New Moon actress before I saw this ad. 

Christian Serratos, a 19 year old actress in the series went nude for the I'd Rather Go Nude Then Wear Fur Peta campaign and boy are we glad she did.

Christian is also a vegetarian and is the youngest person to pose nude for Peta.

Seriously, I really may have to see Twilight and New Moon.  What do you think of the ad?-Dr.FB