Video~ Lady Gaga “Bad Romance”

Here it is; the video by Lady Gaga "Bad Romance" and it is bad in a great way.

Check it out n let me know what you think!-Dr.FB

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  1. Love it. The more I see of her the more I like. Great stuff.

  2. LOL
    There’s a lot going on in that video, like a whole year’s worth of ideas! Was that Ritalin she was being force-fed? Great party tune, y’all know you be singing along

  3. So wacked out but I love her voice and great beats :)

  4. It makes me happy to see a DECENT Music Video again! A LOT went into the production on that video and I think they have a winner! I could nit pick, but won’t as over all I LIKE IT ALOT! I will say that I didn’t like the gold outfit….just kinda messed up the flow of things! She does have the SHOW-WOMAN part down!

  5. ummmmmm i have nothing to say i think i liked it tho

  6. LOVE IT!!!!! She is so kick ass!!!

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