Royal Blood Debuts New Video for “Ten Tonne Skeleton”

Royal Blood Promo Photo

Royal Blood released a new video for "Ten Tonne Skeleton". Check out the dramatic clip below.


Diagnosis: The mercury prize nominees will be performing on Late Night with Seth Meyers on 10/15.


Freezerburn! Lana Del Rey Releases Video For “Shades Of Cool”

Lana Del Rey  Photo:  H&M

Lana Del Rey has released a new video for her single "Shades Of Cool" from her new album "Ultraviolence" released this week!

We hear the new album is kind of depressing but at least this song has life.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Ultraviolence is on pace to sell 175,000-200,000 and still may not be enough for number 1. Remember when NSYNC could sell 2 million in a week? Yea, those days are gone.


Get On Up! Carmen Electra Releases New Video For “Werq”

Carmen Electra Photo: GettyImages.com

Carmen Electra has invested a lot of time lately for what her famous in the first place: music. She has released an ode to "Pulp Fiction" video for her song "Werq".

"Werq" is the follow-up to Carmen's single last year "We Like It Loud".

Carmen really doesn't need to "Werq" it that much...but we like it when she do!-DocFB

Diagnosis: Still the scariest woman on the planet.....


Virtual Insanity! Kimbra Releases Trippy Video For New Song “90’s Music” Watch Now!

Kimbra 90's Music Promo Image

Kimbra has just released the first music video "90's Music" from "The Golden Echo" which slated for release at the end of August.

The video is....trippy. Now just have to listen to it in my car and see if I am vibin' to it.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Were you expecting some 90's references you jabroni? I thought I told you that we won't stop. Woo-ha, I got you all in check! All the girlie's said you were pretty fly...for a white guy. Yea, can't think of any 90's references. Gotta go. Smells like some teen spirit in here.


#NotABadLoveStory Justin Timberlake Releases Fan Footage Video For “Not A Bad Thing”

Justin Timberlake Photo: Complex Magazine

Justin Timberlake has released a video for "Not A Bad Thing" with a live performance and fan made videos and photos sent in to the pop singer.

The hashtag for the video is #NotABadLoveStory and is from his 20/20 Experience Volume 2 record.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Throw-away video or a sweet touch incorporating the fans? Perhaps both.


One Direction Release New Video For “You & I”

One Direction Promo Photo

One Direction have released a video for "You & I" the boy band's latest single.

“You & I is a love song. It’s saying you’re inseparable and nothing can get in the way of you and your love.”-Harry Styles.


Diagnosis: Will anything come between you and this video???


New Video: Gary Numan “I Am Dust”

Gary Nuwman Promo Photo

The Gary Numan 'I Am Dust' video was made using a Tachyons+ video glitch synth effected live via HI-8 camera and a CRT television captured by a modern digital camera. No computer post production was used in the making of this video.

The video was directed by Logan Owlbeemoth with video effects by Omebi Velouria. No computer post production was used in the making of this video it was shot live using a Tachyons+ video glitch synth effected live via HI-8 camera and a CRT television captured by a modern digital camera. Tachyons+ is a video glitch synth designing team that modifies vintage video gear to create new ways of crafting visual productions for video artists around the world.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Remaining North America Tour Dates

Tue 1 Apr 2014 - Milwaukee, WI - Turner Hall Ballroom
Wed 2 Apr 2014 - St Louis, MO - The Firebird
Thu 3 Apr 2014 - Kansas City, MO - Middle Of The Map Festival
Fri 4 Apr 2014 - Englewood, CO - Gothic
6 Apr 2014 - San Francisco, CA - The Fillmore


New Asher Monroe Video “Memory” Features Chris Brown

Asher Monroe Promo

Singer, dancer, and actor ASHER MONROE has premiered his highly anticipated official music video for the single "Memory," featuring pop/R&B star Chris Brown. The track was produced by J. Tarin, and is available for purchase on iTunes now.

"Memory" is the follow-up single to 2013's "Hush Hush," both released via D Empire Entertainment.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Chris Brown's part sounds like some of his older stuff which could help Asher Monroe gain a bigger audience.  We will see.


257 Channels: Korn Takes On The Media In Video For “Spike In My Veins”

Korn Logo

Korn is at it again. This time taking on the media for it's coverage of celebrities like Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus.

There is coverage of our celebrity President Obama, and Canada's Mayor Rob Ford along with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

We see the rule "Blurred Lines" of how stories are manipulated and what is chosen to be shown to keep us preoccupied.-DocFB

Diagnosis: What do U believe????