Steven Tyler NOT Quitting Aerosmith

Steven Tyler showed up at Joe Perry's show in New York last night and took the stage and let it be known that Aerosmith is together. He then proceeded to rock out to "Walk This Way" and just kill it. This guy is almost 60? Seriously. -Dr.FB

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  1. Glad to hear it. There’s no such thing as an Aerosmith with S. Tyler… who could ever replace him as frontman?

  2. I thought he had passed away already. Oh well, cool! Rock on!

  3. Thank God!!! Aerosmith without Steven Tyler is like cereal with no milk. I’m glad they worked out whatever they needed to work out.

  4. This is good news. Love me some Steven Tyler and Joe Perry!

  5. Glad that they have worked it out so far and I hope that they continue to do so! :)

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