Lady Gaga & Beyonce’s Telephone! Listen Now!

Lady Gaga & Beyonce.  Photo: MTV.com
Lady Gaga & Beyonce.  Photo: MTV.com

Lady Gaga & Beyonce. Photo: MTV.com

Here is the latest song from Lady Gaga & Beyonce entitled Telephone.  What does it sound like when the 2 ladies hook up again?  Take a listen.

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What do you think?-Dr.FB

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  1. So while I love Lady Gaga and her pop/dance style music. I have to agree her music does all sound a like. I cant stand her weird clothing style-but I guess thats her niche in the music industry. I can not figure out why Beyonce joined this-totally not her style. But still love the music, always gets me movin around and in the mood to dance!

  2. I think its the most boring song I have ever heard ! shit shi shit

  3. best thing ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shit though


  5. gerizekalı karı menyakkk geriiii kafasına ne geçirmiş lan o? dmz s****ktirin gidin işinize lan

  6. çok çok guzel şarkı

    very very good song

  7. Luff this song. Dont know what your all on about when you sya it bad :@ luff luff luff

  8. I love Beyonce Knowles! and i love this songs its great and whoever doesn’t like it is stupid! because this is the hottest song ever! i’m 16 year old

  9. That is a wierd picture of lady gaga but I love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Ok love Beyonce always have always will…BUT this song just doesnt do it for me. Not knocking the song i’m sure there are plenty Lady Gaga and Beyonce fans out there who love it, but it seems to be missing something to me. I would love to know ok why Video Phone and than back door it with Telephone, same concept just the roles reversed Beyonce is now FT in the song and Lady Gaga is lead???!! Havent we seen and heard this already? BEYONCE come on girl, dont let this happen again please, che!

  11. I love this songg<3
    defeintly a song to play at the club

    telllllllll dat nigga to stoppp calling me! ahaha

  12. i love lady gaga shes my idollll

  13. I agree with you that it sounds like another song when lady gaga sings “stop callin stop callin i don’t wanna think anymore.” I’ve been kicking myself trying to think of what that sounds like. I looked it up. Sort of sounds like The Way I Are when Nelly Fertado sings the chorus?

  14. Great song. It’s a lot better than Video Phone

  15. Did Beyonce owe her label a favor?Cause I can’t imagine why in the world she would collab with a talent seriously lacking that of her own!

  16. damm music scene these days trully is garbage… so sad!

  17. It’s ok but not the best thing either of them has done. It’s actually strange to hear Beyonce on a track like this one.

  18. Meh, its catchy but the lyrics are dumb. And it would be better with the Beyonce ‘rap’ (?) in it.

  19. love iiit
    i think it’s better than Videophone

  20. Boring :(

  21. Sounds like a Britney song…

  22. Sounds like every other Lady GaGa song, can she like change it up a bit or something – sheesh.

  23. Well.. another electro-pop 80 ties dance tune.
    I’m sure it will hit the charts.

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