2012 Debuts Big At The Box Office

2012 Movie Poster.
2012 Movie Poster.

2012 Movie Poster.

2012 debuted the top of the Box Office raking in $65 million dollars.  Wow. Amanda Peete can still star in movies that are hits. 

Expect 2012 and John Cusak to be bumped from the number 1 spot next week as New Moon debuts.

Any of you see 2012 this weekend?-Dr.FB

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  1. I saw the 2012 movie, last Friday night – VIPseats/comfortable.
    Movie: Outstanding graphics.
    But just a word of truth… if you are going to fly a plane during a catastrophy, whereas, the earth’s magma is shooting it’s heat up into the atmosphere you won’t get far. Air pockets rising and falling will cause such great turbulance that you would land like a hot marshmellow on a flaming grill. Also, you can’t fly thru smoke because it will clog the intake valves in the plane and cause the engine fuel to … lets just say… you won’t be up there long. Another thing; Yes, 2012 is something but… it’s much more than you can ever imagine, frequencies change and if your house is in order with the man upstairs; then, there is nothing to fear. I give the movie * * * * *. John Cusack was a bit funny… in the park … Oh the volcano… it’s so beautiful… LOL. Ok, you stay here and Im just going to get going now… lolol. One raises the question, if a system can’t help a hurricane catastrophy recover appropriately then how in the world is a system going to even think of trying to prevent something to recover from – with a global situation??
    Loved the movie.

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